Benefits of Corporate Yoga and Meditation

Veyogic Corporate Wellnesss- Yogic Wellness in the corporate setting


The benefit associated with corporate yoga and meditation can be categorized into two sections, namely: employee and business benefit. However, the benefits that the employees experience from the wellness routine direcly dictate the level of result that the business will experience.

Benefits to individual employee:

· it cures depression, psychiatric disorders, and anxiety. 

·  increases the production of a protein (BDNF) that stimulates the formation of new brain cell, increasing  brain plasticity and suppresses inflammation and acts as a natural antidepressant 
enhances concentration

· enhances staffs’ healthy living

· boosts physical and metal performances

· reduces chronic pain

· enhances the innovativeness of staffs

· increases the participant’s self-esteem




Benefits to business

· boosts staffs productivity

· reduces Insurance premium cost

· reduces Staff turnover and absenteeism

· enhances better team-work

· increases the Goodwill of the business

Note that the benefits are not limited to the above. More importantly, all the above benefits also lead to increased profitability of a business. And this can as well boost financial welfare of personnel. Furthermore, Introducing yoga programs in the work-space is a relatively low-cost investment and a great way to invest in prevention and good health.


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